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RemoteStartupWeb 2023

Since Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Small Business Server (SBS) product line, there is no longer any way to extend it with RemoteStartup.

That's what the new RemoteStartupWeb 2023 is for!

RemoteStartupWeb 2023 can be installed as a standalone website or as an application to an existing website in IIS.

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RemoteStartup 2016

Use RemoteStartup with your Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Essentials Experience and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials.

RemoteStartup 2016 is, like version 2011 and 2012, fully integrated into the remote workspace. There is no separate button or link anymore. RemoteStartup now uses Ping to automatically determine whether the client PC is running. If there is no response from the client PC, it will be automatically turned on by RemoteStartup with Wake On Lan (WOL).

The user is informed about the process in a status bar.

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Save energy with Microsoft Windows Server

Install RemoteStartup today and reduce your OPEX and protect the environment!

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