RemoteStartup for SBS RWW

RemoteStartup for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) from KARANITSCH IT Services allows up to 2/3 power cost reduction for the operation of your client PCs. You can use Remote Web Workplace at any time and access your desktop with all programs and documents.

The client PCs cannot only be manually booted by the Remote Web Workplace, you also get a program with which you can boot the PCs with the Windows task scheduler. The PCs will be powered up every 10 seconds, so that no peaks occur on your power network.

RemoteStartup is now fully integrated into the remote workspace. There is no separate button or link anymore. RemoteStartup now uses Ping to automatically determine whether the client PC is running. If there is no response from the client PC, it will be automatically turned on by RemoteStartup with Wake On Lan (WOL).

The user is informed about the process in a status bar.

Wake On Lan

Wake On Lan (WOL) is the technology behind RemoteStartup. WOL is supported by all major office PC.

RemoteStartup extends the Remote Web Workplace of the SBS to the possibility to turn on your client PCs with WOL.

Green IT

With RemoteStartup you will not only protect the environment, but also lower your client PC operating costs.

When run 24/7 (168h/week), the power for a client PC costs about EUR 51,- per year. If the actual usage of the PC is 50 hours per week, you can save 2/3 of your power consumption by switching off your PCs after hours.

If you have 10 client PCs, you can save about EUR 360,- and over 1000kg of CO2 per year!

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